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USB Bass Bin Plans or commonly known as the band pass horn is a kind of speaker for bass. This sound system tool is usually used for creating louder audio sound for outdoor event. This bass bin is commonly has a big size for about 1140x570x750mm. It will give the outcome of the sound with the frequency from 55hz up to 170hz.

To know more about this USB bass bin, it needs more information including how to build it. Not to mention the plans will be truly useful for those who want to create this USB bins. The plans of this USB bin will be explained in short way. Since it can be customized based on the purpose of the maker, the size can be adjusted.
Sketchup USB Bass Bin Plans
Sketchup USB Bass Bin Plans by K-M-Sound-System

The Detail of USB Bass Bin Plans

USB Bass Bin Plans will require a very detail information for each part in the bins. Having plan does not mean that the result will be perfect, but it shows how to build from the beginning. Every USB bin usually has some grooves and these grooves are used to recess the internal pieces inside the bins. The size of the groove is usually 9mm and it is put deep down the bin.

By using the USB bins, it will be more efficient because it has a high power for the bass sound. The USB bins is commonly designed for the raves and also for the general use of PA. The drivers inside this USB bin is the 18 inch driver. It uses 2 drivers instead of one driver. The use of two drivers here is to create a short horn. This short horn will give a very high efficiency for about 80hz. 

usb bass bin plans design
USB bass bin plans design

From the front side, this USB bass bin has a very large chamber. This rear chamber will give the bass a good action and it also will shallow the roll off. This will also give a better outcome for the bass response.

USB is one of the most excellent choices for bass bin because it gives a clean sound. There will be no any distraction or honky peaks. The mouth coupled together will make the sound outcome will be more excellent.

USB Bass Bin Plans also uses a huge power so that it can push the USB to create loud sound. This plan will also great to work with labs bin and to get the perfect transient response.

Speaker PlanMHB 4818
Enclosure TypeBand-pass horn
Recommended DriverSigmapro-18-2, B&C PZB100, Colossus18XB SpecSheet
DesignersDavid Trotter

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