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MHB 46, of course this product is not a strange thing anymore for those who know well about speaker plans. Although it is not as good as others, you can consider it much to use. The frequency of it is from 35Hz where other may only provide 40Hz more. Talking about the enclosure type of it, you should know that it has Hybrid type. The size for this is 60 x 96 x 75 for height, width, and depth. What driver you should use for this sound? The recommended driver is LF18N401 Spec Sheet which can match well. For the plan, the company provides MHB-46 Rev CII plan for this.
Final speaker box MHB 46
Final speaker box MHB 46
The SDM input of this sound is S1 799.2, S2 800, con 33.70 , S3 1443, con 17.20 , S4 3141, con 59.30, VRC 139.20, LRC 29, AP 326.20, LPT 18 , VTC 8400, ATC 1400.
MHB 46 Speaker Plan
MHB 46 Speaker Plan

Tips To Use This MHB 46

Every product must have own way to operate in order to make it work well. Let’s talk about this speaker plan MHB 46, when you have decided to use this product, you need to understand some tips to use it. Here are the tips:

Do Not Delete the Port

Note that deleting port can make the performance changed and of course the frequency respons will also change. It must make a noise which is uncomfortable to hear. That’s why, to avoid that happen to you, you can choose FLH design which is trustable for the change. It has passed the test and it proves that it has good function.

Operate With Match Driver

This MHB can’t accept all drivers. You should be right to choose. What if you use a used driver? It does not matter as far as the sound can operate well and give no effect for it. You may choose used PD/ Fane which is recommended.

Don’t make a wrong space for the diaphragm of this driver and event
Why? Because it will issue that the SIM is wrong. That’s why, you need to arrange the driver and event’ diaphragm well or less than 100.

It seems that MBH 46 is very popular in French. You should know that it can make strong kick for chest. The bass respons is about 50 Hz in solo with linier curve. That was about MBH 46. You can check the complete information in my website. May it be useful!

MHB 46 Speaker Plan Details
MHB 46 Speaker Plan Details
Speaker PlanMHB-46 Rev CII
Frequencyfrom 35Hz
Enclosure TypeHybrid
Recommended DriverLF18N401 Spec Sheet  

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