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SMT212 (Simple Mid-Top 212), this is a sound that has such a great specification. The frequency is from 90 to 15 KHz. What about the enclosure type of it? It has Horn Loaded Midtopalt of enclosure type. The recommended drivers that you can use for it are pdf SN12B, 12ND710 or 12PE32 pdf . The size of it is 1030 x 600 x 388mm in height, width, and depth. It is for 2 x 12 inch + driver of woofer. There are so many plans available for the customer.
Simple Mid-Top 212 Speaker plan by Stipe Ercegovic
Simple Mid-Top 212 Speaker plan by Stipe Ercegovic

SMT212 Superiority

This is good sound for project up to medium class. You can see from the height that reach 100 to 110 Hz. If you want to modify the project, you can directly download 3D complaining file for getting all dimensions. Why is it used by anyone nowdays? Of course, because it has so much benefit. Moreover if you place the SMT212 in a place which has between 100 and 200 Hz. It will show you a shocking performance. You have to know that the company made 12MI100 only for the strength of up to 200, that’s 200 to 250 Hz. It means the number is not lower than it.

“SMT212 Is Easy To Operate” Is It Right?

If you see small things such as VC aluminium and also the second and third HD, you will guess that it is the easiest one. And that’s actually the fact that it is so simple. It looks like P-Audio SN12MB, but of course they are different.

In the other side, it is very portable and loud. Of course, it will ease you who want to bring it anywhere. With the test of SMT212, the matching driver which is recommended is driver B & C 12 in one cabin. The user can modify the port by keeping the similar area, two and one fourth of circle (not triangle). It is only because of an art.

What if PDN12MH25 is in SMT212?

You may ask this question. In the fact, it is so amazing with 2 “Fane CD280’s”. It is so friendly and absolutely not to make noise or sound pollution. For those who expect great sound, you can choose this type. You absolutely do not regret. Why? Because of its superiority, all people like this sound to be their favorite. Will you be one of them? Order the product now in the trustable shop. Good luck with SMT212.

SMT212 Details

DesignerStipe Ercegovic
Frequency90 to 15KHz
Enclosure TypeHorn Loaded midtop
Recommended DriversSN12B12ND710 or 12PE32

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