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Selenium speaker has many types that will meet everyone’s need. It gives different experience for different purposes. Every type of selenium speaker will have different shapes, details, performances, and machines. It provides to be highly functional in various usages. So, here are few types of speaker from selenium that can be the choice.
Selenium speaker by JBL
Selenium speaker by JBL

Types of Selenium Speaker

Selenium speaker of the professional woofer is the first type. This woofer built for the small room to get cozier corner. There are wide varieties of this woofer as well as the range of its frequency. Usually, the selenium woofer is for the dancing halls room, nightclubs, bands, and also auditoriums. This woofer is really excellent because it can produce many combinations. The woofer has a voice coil from a high temperature wire. It also uses a resistant adhesive in high material.

The next selenium type is the speaker kit. This is a kit of middle bass recon. It uses 12’’ mid bass selenium or JBL. Another speaker kit is the professional selenium speaker kit. This type has diameter of 12 mm with voice coil for about 200 x 24 mm. It is using aluminum as the frame material and also magnet with weight for about 2.640 oz. 

Selenium 18WS series spec detail
Selenium 18WS series spec detail

Besides the mid bass, there is also the low bass speaker. It usually is a woofer 12 W. It has a low reinforcement but it gives an excellent low end result. It is a high power sound system accessories in its capacity. This product can be used for arranging the vocal range because it will give a very smooth transition. With its high capacity, it can stand more than 1,200 watt for the continuous music.

This can be very good for the outdoor and also for the filling cabinets inside the house. The woofer from this selenium product will be an outstanding outcome. This woofer is also outstanding if it exhibits with the acoustics. This woofer is also designed especially for the smaller enclosure. It has 12WS600 which is versatile and it also has a high performance.

As seems in its body, it has a very sturdy for the frame cast. In its surrounding, it has impregnated cloth to make it stronger. It looks so masculine because it has long fiber of the paper cone with a double spider.

Selenium speaker is also completed with a very large magnet that is assembled with the central hole. It also has a 6 window to improve the heat but it can reduce the operating temperature.

Selenium Speaker SeriesPDF File
12WS600Download Datasheet
15SWS800Download Datasheet
15ws600Download Datasheet
18SWS800Download Datasheet
18SWS1100Download Datasheet
18ws600Download Datasheet

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