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MHB 4818 is like any other woofer, speaker, or bass bin that has its own box. Many rumors spread out there that this version is the giant one in creating the sound. For one speaker, this MHB will have size for about 18 inch. If it is seen from the size, it will be clearly not light anymore. It has a hand phone speaker with diameter of 42mm. The resonance that is designed for this speaker is about 40Hz. So, this can be categorized as the middle range speaker.

This famous speaker has a big horn instead. With 18 inch sub woofer system that this speaker has, it will easily give a high performance. This will be really suitable for an outdoor event and some other events in a crowd. The plans can be matched with the necessity and it can give a better transient response as well. Even though it looks so big, this speaker is so much simple to build.

What Does MHB 4818 Look Like?

MHB 4818 is also called as W bin because the shape is like the letter W. The box covering this speaker is truly big. The sound coming from this speaker is from the front side and the back side. The sound will be processed to give smooth and clear sound. So, it gives more efficient sound and greater voice.

MHB 4818 speaker box plan design
MHB 4818 speaker box plan design

The speaker of this W bin is really great. It has frequency for about 46Hz per 1 box and also 40Hz per4 boxes. For the clearer and better voice outcome, it is suggested to use the LF18G410 Spec Sheet as the driver. This speaker has a hybrid enclosure and also the size is for about 122x76x61cm.

The process in building this speaker is quite long time. It is because the big size of this speaker and also it needs more material than another speaker. The more complicated the more time needed. This speaker will really look masculine since it has a bigger size than others. 
Big size of MHB 4818 final product
Big size of MHB 4818 final product 

Cutting triplex MHB 4818
Cutting triplex MHB 4818

MHB 4818 could have different model and shape because everyone might have their own design. However, the patent shape is the big box in W shaped. The W shape will give more air to the inside sound so it can have the place where the voice can come out. Some people use this type of speaker for the big concert like music, play, or even dancing. This speaker will be perfect for an outdoor party and event.

Speaker PlanMHB 4818
Frequency9F3 = 46Hz/1 box,  40Hz/4 boxes 
Enclosure TypeHybrid
Recommended DriverLF18G401 Spec Sheet

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