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Hog scoop is one of the most popular bins in the world. Stipe Ercegovic designed it in the year of 2006. This hog scoop speaker is so much complicated than the common scoop. This one is so much great and it also gives such a cool sound. This scoop is also for getting maximum voice of 32-35hz together (maximum 2) which can create 27-30hz.

This scoop will give maximum outcome in the right to set it in the correct  way. The wrong dimension will not meet with the original measurement. So, it will cause the bad result. Usually, the size of this scoop is 18 inch. This size is really great for outdoor activity and it gives a loud sound.

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The Appearance of Hog Scoop Speaker Box

Hog scoop has a big size for its frame or box. This stuff provides  98.6 height, 95 cm length, and 63.6 width. It is also gain more weight than any other scoop. It is usually carried by 2 people. However, it can create a magic sound.
Hog Scoop Speaker Box Plan Design
Hog Scoop Speaker Box Plan Design

Hog Scoop Speaker Plan Details
Hog Scoop Speaker Plan Details

To create this hog scoop box, there will be needed two and half ply of triplex with size 1,22x2,44 meters. The use of the triplex is the triplex with the width 18mm. The way in creating the box, the connected part should be gathered with the glue and burr. If it is only using coupled, the box will break up. The vibration of the sound will automatically open up the triplex because it is too strong. So it will be better to use glue and double burr.

In decreasing the vibration, it can be used the resin. To keep it from the vibration, it needs 5 kg resin. So, the vibration and the loud can be decrease to create a smooth voice. It will be more stable with the strong box so there is no more distraction for the music.

This hog is not give the common dip and peak compared to the common scoops. The hogs can give a clear voice and sound than another speaker for the outdoor. This is will be suitable for the music than reggae even though some hogs can be used for reggae.
Hog scoop speaker box final result

Hog scoop speaker box
Hog scoop speaker box by dominator8

Hog scoop far from another scoop and speaker, it is better for the outdoor activity. This one is very good and suitable for the outdoor activity. It consents to the big music activity like concert and also live music.

Speaker PlanHog Scoop Speaker Box
Frequency35 to 200Hz
Enclosure TypeScoop
Recommended DriverPD1850, v18-1000, v18-1200
DesignersStipe Ercegovic

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