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Xtro speaker is a great idea for having a homemade speaker. Having speaker and building it will really be hard, but it will be so much exciting. Customize speaker is the best way to have a speaker that meets the necessary. Many people just get the speaker that is unstable and unmatched.

DIY speaker can be found everywhere but the most important thing is to create the best and suitable for the purpose. The xtro cabinets for speaker will have 4 USB on its bass bins. This speaker will need power more than 12000 watts.

What to Prepare in Creating Xtro speaker?

To create or build an Xtro speaker, it will need one drivers with 4000 watts power. It will also need one amp for the voice coil for about 2000 watts and also one amp for the tweeter needs 1000 watts.

Since the xtro has four places for the sound outcome, so there are some considerations. First of all, inside this Xtro, there will be 1 inch horn, 2 inch voice coil, and 15 inch drivers. This 1 inch horn will be connected to the tweeter. The function of the drivers is to give a kick in much number.

Xtro speaker has some USB basses. These basses will be the house for the 18 inch driver. The basses will create a very crisp bass’ sound that will break the silent. These basses will get the power from subwoofer amp that has power for about 5000 watts. 

X-tro speaker box plan design
X-tro speaker box plan design

X-tro speaker plans details
X-tro speaker plans details

Challenge in DIY Xtro speaker

Even though it sounds easy and cheesy, but creating this speaker for the first time is challenging. There are some risks, mistakes, errors, and trials before getting the right result. However, it is not only the mistakes and challenge, but also the risk.

The risk in building speaker is the outcome itself. When there is a mistake, the risk is about the loud sound in the system. The challenge itself is the way in building the rig. It should be careful and correct. So, it must be perfect and well built.

Some DIY project for speaker will require a week to finish. This will depend on the ability and also the skill that the maker has. So, when it is built by the beginner, it will probably take a longer timer.

Xtro speaker will be great when the maker knows every part and its function. This knowledge will be really useful and beneficial in creating a big and best speaker.

Speaker PlanX-Tro
Frequency90Hz to 20KHz
Enclosure TypeHorn
Recommended Driver15ND930 (2x), 8PE21 (1x), DE500 (1x)
DesignersWalt and Frederik

Setting Details

  1. 2x Punisher/1x X-tro 
  2. Processor settings All filters 24db/oct Linkwitz/Riley s
  3. Sub hp: 40,5 hz (For a single cabinet a side 45Hz can be used) lp: 91,0 hz  
  4. low hp: 99,2 hz lp: 297 hz 
  5. mid hp: 315 hz lp: 2,38 khz  
  6. high hp: 2,45 khz 
  1. sub 0 
  2. low 5,99 ft 1,82 mtr 5,31 msec 
  3. mid 6,81 ft 2,07 mtr 6,04 msec  
  4. high 7,21 ft 2,19 mtr 6,40 msec  
  5. sub1 40-50Hz (depending on number of cabinets) gain: personal taste Q = 3-4 sub2 105 hz -1,0 db Q = 4,410 mid 2,25 khz + 4,0 db Q = 1,215 high 14,3 khz +1,0 db Q = 1,789

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